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    Random Honda/Nissan Parts


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    Random Honda/Nissan Parts

    Post by Dstrcto on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:48 am

    Random stuff I have laying around that someone else might be able to use:

    - Apex'i SAFC II - $175

    - 94-01 Integra driver's power window regulator - $20

    - I believe this is from a CRX... Driverside, rear window interior trim $5? Free.99?

    - 94-01 3-door Integra Buddy Club 3 rear bumper with broken tabs [if you can fiberglass, you can fix this] - $25

    - B18b1 block, missing 1 piston/rod, recommend rebuild on remaining rings+bearings

    - S13 rear subframe w/hubs/axles/differential/brakes (haven't decided on price)

    - S13 front crossmember w/rack/sway bar/knuckles/brakes (haven't decided on price)

    - S13 stock springs/shocks (haven't decided on price)

    - S13 coupe rear window (haven't decided on price)

    - S13 coupe quarter windows (haven't decided on price)

    - S13 luxurious brown interior trim panels [pretty much have all of them] - Free

    - S13 coupe sunroof frame, glass, headliner, switches, drain-tubes (haven't decided on price)

    All are OBO
    More to be added later

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