We h8 v8s....lol j/k

    do the creep ahhh...


    do the creep ahhh... Empty do the creep ahhh...

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    Hahahahaha, YES.

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    Post by EuroSkank on Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:59 pm

    LOL this has Luis name all over it.... Laughing

    "Gather 'round lords and ladies. I have a tale of epic highs and dangerous lows. It begins with my journey to the bordering kingdom of Costco where I was looking for the finest of finery their people had to offer.
    Upon leaving their market place in my carriage, I spied a ruffian assaulting a fellow philistine. One wore the crest of the house of Lycos, the other, the House of Navid. Ancient rivals dating back to the age of dragons. Their swords clashed, children screamed, and thatch-roof cottages burned. Even their very shadows were locked in combat. The lighter fellow succumbed to the might of the moor of the House of Navid. His blows were just. His skills were unmatched.
    I wished to help the man from the House of Lycos but my fencing was not on par to that of the moor. It is my wish no one ever crosses his path. The events that transpired today will fuel the war of the Houses."

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    do the creep ahhh... Empty Re: do the creep ahhh...

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